LGBT movie shooting team is looking for the actors and locations

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Queer Home Kyiv and the shooting team announce auditions. Let’s recall that last week the winner in the competition for the best LGBT short movie script was announced. The team works on active preparation of the shooting of the movie with working title Abnormal and prepares for actors’ casting. All interested and caring volunteers are welcome to join the project.

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We are looking for the following character types:

• Three girls looking under 18 years old, modern schoolgirls;

• Two women looking 35-40 years old; no tattoos or aggressive hairstyle, no flash appearance, plain-looking;

• A woman over 50 years old – Soviet old lady type;

• Two women looking over 35-40 years old, preferably real couple; one of them having short haircut, the other can be provided with a wig 🙂

• A man and a woman looking 40-45 years old, a problem family of drunkards; a man should be powerfully built, with a beer belly and bristle; a woman worn down by life and alcohol;

• A man and a woman looking 35-40 years old; a wealthy family of successful business people; modern and classy, “cover people”;

• Extras – 10-15 people looking under 18 years old.

Please send your photos for the part you would like to play to

The casting will be held till January 20. The first meeting with the shooting team and the workshops will take place on January 24.

Also we are looking for the following filming locations:

• Apartment 1 – elite apartment of the wealthy family;

• Apartment 2 – shabby apartment of the drunkards;

• Apartment 3 – average income family’s place.

The creative team welcomes also:

• Cameramen;

• Assistants;

• Film editors

All your suggestions and feedback are welcomed via e-mail. May the cinema be!

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