Ten days in Munich: start of “Gay Alliance Ukraine” volunteer program

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On March 14th started educational programme for volunteers "Community building and voluntary work", which was announced by us in December 2013. During ten days six activists will be given an opportunity to get familiar with the organization system of volunteer work within the LGBT community in Munich; will learn how volunteer work contributed to building the community; and also will be able to find out how they can apply all this knowledge to develop Ukrainian LGBT-movement, which will fully correspond to the very meaning of the word "community".

Organizer of the programme is Ukrainian public organization "Gay Alliance Ukraine" in partnership with their old friends – Munich Kiev Queer. The event is held from 14 till 23 of March. Programme's participants will be keeping their own blogs on the website www.munichkievqueer.org, where they will share their experiences. 

This project is one of the activities, intended to create a united and active LGBT community in order to achieve the strategic goal – Improvement of the situation with observance of the rights of the LGBT people by the state and general population of Ukraine and achievement of positive changes in attitudes towards LGBT people in the society. Overcoming of stigmatization and increasing level of self-respect among representatives of the LGBT community of Ukraine. 

Skills and knowledge received during this educational trip will be used in the further activities of the organization. People, who participated in the event, will be given an advantage of being involved in the upcoming projects of UPO "Gay Alliance Ukraine". 

Besides familiarization of our readers with the blogs content, we will cover the details of the event on our website.

Press service of UPO "Gay Alliance Ukraine"

Photo by Мunichkievqueer.org


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