Story no.14. Friedrich Chernyshev

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I have been always against the appearance of stereotype FtM. But the trouble was that my parents did not like my creative haircut, and I had to remove this all with a shaver. So, I came to the 5th year of study like that. The professor immediately assumed that I was a boy. The group looked at me with wide-open eyes. Sure thing: a flat one (toned stomach) with hair shorter than 1 cm, without makeup and heels. Three days passed. They did not talk to me. I was silent, being ashamed of discrepancy between my voice and name. The professors looked at me compassionately when they called on me – yes, unlucky girl. A number of people called me only by my last name, it is neutral.

On the 3rd of September I decided that it was enough. One way or another, we do not communicate. What will I ruin?

On Friday evening I wrote a message to the entire group through the social media. I explained that my appearance was due to the hormones I took, that I would like to go further, and I would like them to call me the other way. Ok, I let them digest it till Monday.

I was up half a night sitting in front of the screen. “After all, I thought, what I am losing? Two years more and our ways will part. From the other side, this circus with my name and last name will be funnier… Well, I can change [the university]. I can leave.”

I got new mail notifications.

– That’s great!
– Well done!
– Good to know.
– OK, do not worry. We suspected it, just were afraid to address you in order not to hurt you. If somebody does not understand, just tell us, we will explain to him.
– Cool, boys and girls are fifty-fifty now!
– Nice name. When will you do a surgery?

When I came, they shook hands with me. Since Monday I have never heard the feminine gender and my old name.

Автор: Gay Alliance Ukraine

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