Odious and famous artist will make art-intervention in Kyiv

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Odious and famous Berlin artist Mischa Badasyan will visit Kyiv from December 10 to 12 according to his Save the Date tour. Mischa will make a range of workshops, lectures and performances “Body-City-Loneliness”-themed, for UPO Gay Alliance Ukraine.

Mischa Badasyan himself gives the following description of it: “Our cities are no one’s places. Their history can be changed or rewritten. Our identity can be redefined again and again and real communication is just an illusion. We simply walk past each other and live in a human vacuum. Old and new, past and present co-exist and collide all the time. Every day we hear the news telling for a few hours about terrorist attacks or the Olympics, we use Internet for shopping, communication, work, leisure, pleasure. People are constantly moving and going from one point to another, faster and faster. Eventually we must admit that we feel like motionless witnesses. So many things are happening around us and we feel frustrated and depressed because we can do nothing with all this. Many of us pretend to themselves that life has sense and the world has sense. But no one’s places take away our energy and thoughts – you can’t decide yourself in these places, you don’t talk to others, don’t belong to anyone. Personal loneliness becomes universal loneliness. No one’s places create the absence of the individual and destroy our identity.”

Let’s recall that the artist had new sexual partner every day for a year in frames of Save the Date project, and its core was creation of alive “monument” to loneliness through relationship with men. The artist says that the culture of speed dating, Internet and chat rooms leads to people loosing themselves. He tries to explain with this project that simply touching the body is an intimate thing.

Kyiv Queer Home will host several events with Mischa Badasyan: on December 10 he will participate in mini-event for the Human Rights Day together with Queer Home activists; on December 11 at 7 p.m. there will be lecture and workshop on Marc Augé’s theory of no-one’s places (French: non-lieux), introduction of topics Body and Loneliness: Virtual Love, and after the lecture everyone can join the original Agora workshop.

On December 12 at 2 p.m. art-intervention will take place. All those who wish to take part in it have to register via queerhomekyiv@gmail.com till December 11.

And finally, on December 12 at 9 p.m. the presentation of new Radical Truth project and participation in it will be available only for the activists and volunteers who have taken part in other events with Mischa Badasyan.

Автор: Kira Kowalski

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