Gay Alliance Ukraine’s Team passed training on stress and burnout management

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The last year for the team of UPO "Gay Alliance Ukraine" was filled with interesting, but highly intensive work. And the next year we will have to do even more.
Even the most motivated activists "burn" at work. This is manifested in lack of enthusiasm, by no "glint in the eyes" and growing feeling of negativity and fatigue. 

In order to recharge and relieve stress, we decided to conduct training on stress and burnout management. It is not an easy task to choose the trainer for such job since he, or she is required not only to have relevant skills, but also a great personal experience in conducting similar activities, as well as the ability to cultivate one's abilities. Besides, it is good if the trainer does not personally know the team – because it can affect the group dynamics. 

This role was performed admirably by Nino Bolkvadze, a representative from the partner organization Identoba from Tbilisi. The training programme included a variety of techniques, among them muscle relaxation exercises (releasing of chronic muscle tension), lessons on awareness of already existing experiences, sessions dedicated to the meditation techniques, promotion of the conscious expression of feelings and many more.

The venue of the training has also played an important role in achieving our goals and objectives. Training sessions were conducted on the Black Sea coast, in a small and peaceful village of Grigoleti. Sun, water and fresh air contributed to the restoration of power and working capacity of the team. And now, rested and inspired, staff of UPO "Gay Alliance Ukraine" returns to work with new strength.

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