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We are happy to inform that there has been an adding to the family of printed editions of the UPO "Gay Alliance Ukraine". We are starting to release a new color mini-magazine entitled Gayd!, which pilot issue has already been distributed to the clubs and partner organizations.

Gayd! – is your entertainment guide with the social elements telling you about the most interesting things and events: Travel and Clubs, Fashion and Style, Recreation and Sports. In particular about everything young people, and those who are always young at heart (we have no doubt that these people make up the majority of our readers), are interested in. 

The target audience of Gayd! – is mainly club public who now is not too involved in the LGBT movement. There are plenty of reasons for that, but the main one – the lack of information.

Now, thanks to the magazine, it's possible to learn about the latest news of the hangout and major events of the queer life while enjoying your favorite cocktail.

The main topic of the pilot issue is – vacation.  On the pages of Gayd!'s first issue you will learn about the public beaches of Europe is best to hang out at, which bars to relax in and what parties to live it up. And also – how to get in shape before the trip. However, if you could not manage to fly abroad, it's still possible to have fun in Kyiv city clubs.

We would like to inform those closely following the fashion: we've talked to a stylist Slava Chaika, who is going be our consultant in the related topics and will be regularly providing us with some advices in the following magazine's issues.

We believe that this new addition may become a bridge, a link between the various groups of the LGBT community and an interesting information companion for many of its representatives, captivated by a variety of things. Now it's not an easy time for our country, but even in these circumstances every and each of us should at least sometimes have a rest and enjoy life. 

To leaf through the pages of Gayd! you should either go to clubs, or our website in the library section >>>

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