Introduction meeting: Gay Alliance Ukraine welcomed its new associated members

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On Saturday, December 13th, UPO "Gay Alliance Ukraine" (GAU), according to its plan, met potential volunteers and new members of the organization.

In a beautiful historical place of the Ukrainian capital – A Little Opera House in Lukyanovka – both friends and strangers gathered together in order to learn more about the activities of GAU and the possibilities of mutual cooperation with us. Jumping ahead we'd like to say that after the presentations made for our guests by the heads of our departments, all the participants of the meeting were offered to become associated members of UPO "Gay Alliance Ukraine". 

During presentations the staff members of GAU told about all directions of work in our organization in Kyiv and Ukrainian regions, introduce guests to the activities of QueerHome and reported in details about the work of our website, which you are currently reading. The president of GAU Taras Karasiichuk summed up the results by telling about what exactly an associated membership is, and how it can be useful.

Thus, an associated membership allows any member of the queer community to actively participate in the activities of Gay Alliance Ukraine. Namely: to suggest and submit projects on behalf of the GAU, to receive technical assistance in order to develop project proposalsand/or initiate your own types of activities – for example, events for QueerHome, flash mobs, public events – and to implement them using the resources of GAU.
In addition, we planned to create the mailing list with news and suggestions for all associate members. It s very important that associated participation in the activities if Gay Alliance Ukraine suggests using the opportunities and resources of our organization in order to protect your rights, receive technical assistance in the implementation of your own activities, as well as using the logo and brand name of UPO "Gay Alliance Ukraine" on their letterheads and business cards, accompanied by the text "associate member of UPO GAU".

Associated membership is free of charge and available both for individuals and organizations. During the meeting 28 people became our associated members, and this is far from the limit – join us! In order to do so you can get more detailed information in a special section of our web-site

At the end of the evening there were banquet and surprises for the guests: were raffled 10 tickets to Aqua Park. The meeting was held in a friendly and warm atmosphere, we were very glad to meet everyone and grateful to those who joined us.

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