Days of women’s health in Queer Home Zaporizhia

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The Days of Women’s Health project started in Queer Home Zaporizhia supported by VIII National conference of LGBT movement and MSM service of Ukraine. Workshops with friendly doctors from local hospitals are planned in frames of the project.

First workshop on sexual health for lesbians and bisexual women took place late January. Friendly gynecologist told about current problems with sexual and reproductive health of women. Primary attention was paid to the issues of prophylactic and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases, questions of conception, pregnancy and giving birth with the help of semen donors and IVF (in vitro fertilization).

“I visited such training for the first time and was surprised with the information. I always thought that you don’t have to use anything having sexual relationship with girls. For example, I heard about sex dams for the first time. I wish there were more such workshops that girls could discuss such things on,” one of the participants told about the training.

People don’t often give due regard to women’s health of lesbians and bisexual women. There is an illusion of safety of women sex and STD risk being close to nothing, and reproductive health related diseases are often forgotten completely. People can learn about importance and necessity of disease prophylactic, get primary theoretical training and chance to talk to the specialists. A friendly breast physician will host the next workshop. All information will be available at the Queer Home Zaporizhia pages on Facebook and VKontakte.

Автор: Gay Alliance Ukraine

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