“People with non-traditional orientation win Eurovision all the time,” Bebeshko says

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Ukrainian record producer Volodymyr Bebeshko believes that popular Eurovision song contest has lost its relevance and has turned into a farce “nowhere near songs”. In the live program on Obozrevatel he told that politics and provocation in the contest replaced music completely.

In order to win Eurovision, a performer doesn’t have to have great vocals, it’s enough to be a member of LGBT community and draw the attention of the audience with some provocative actions, Bebeshko believes.

“This is not a song contest, this is political and provocation one. Because people with non-traditional orientation win all the time, men as well as women, either bearded or with horns. A performer who participates in Eurovision must sew some organ on their forehead in order to amaze audience,” the producer shared his opinion.

He supposes that the contest has changed for the worse in course of years but still it’s worth participating.

“This contest makes me laugh. These are not those times when Abba won it with a hit. Totally different options win it nowadays. Nevertheless I’m very glad that Ukraine takes part in it this year and of course I will support any our performer,” he pointed out.

Volodymyr Bebeshko produces Paiuschie Trusy (Singing Panties) band and Mila Nytych, works with lots of famous performers. He arranged songs for Sofia Rotaru, Filipp Kirkorov, Dima Bilan, VIA Gra and others.

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