Monro keeps pleasing her fans with explicit photos (PHOTO)

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Ukrainian drag queen Monro presented new photo shoot that exposed her maximally.

With reference to the previous birthday photo shoot of the diva and her reflections on “everyone having their nature” Monro published some fresh pictures that show other part of her essence.

As we’ve told before, the diva doesn’t hide that she feels like third gender person and is not afraid to talk about it.

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“Relationship with the body and accepting the physiology is a very interesting and delicate subject. Lots of us are still afraid to get exposed in public except maybe beach and swimming pool were you are supposed to be undressed and they are nervous about some extra weight or protruding bones. In reality a human is born totally naked and the clothes are destined to protect, decorate and keep them warm! So away with restraint and complexes,” Monro said on her Facebook page and published another photo shoot by Yakov Gering. Besides, diva went into videoblogging lately. Some self-made videos that tell about everyday routine of the star and her attitude to different life issues can be found on Monro’s YouTube channel. One of the videos is about the shooting of these photos.

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