Spokesmen and spokeswomen of the LGBT community will be trained how to deal with the press

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Gay Alliance Ukraine is looking for the spokesmen and spokeswomen ready to speak on behalf of the LGBT community and for the LGBT community. The International Day Against Homophobia, KyivPride, OdesaPride and many other events are waiting for us. Usually they get a great deal of attention from the mass media. It is very important to find people capable of getting the message across to the journalists and the community.

If you consider yourself suitable for this, we are inviting you to the training for the spokesmen and spokeswomen, which will be held on April 22-24 in Kyiv. We offer the training by the best trainers, new acquaintances and the skills, which come useful in the future.

We expect that

•   You are ready to be absolutely open – training’s pictures and videos will be freely distributed;

•   You wish to immerse yourself in a 3-day training and don’t get distracted by the evening strolls in Kyiv;

•   You strive to become a good spokesman or spokeswoman, who will represent the community.

To participate in the challenging selection you have to fill in the application form and to send a link to a 30-sec video, where you tell about yourself, and why we should invite you. The videos will be used solely for the selection; they will be watched only by the selection panel. We will invite 20 participants to the training. The registration is open until 23rd of March. The information about the training programme and the coaching staff will be published soon on our website and on the training’s Facebook page.

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