Queer Home coordinators discussed options for community centers development this year

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Business meeting of Gay Alliance Ukraine staff and Queer Home regional coordinators took place in Zakarpattia region on Februry 24. General strategic goals were discussed as well as the part of Queer Home network would play in achieving them.

Queer Home project is the network of community centers for LGBT, unique for Ukraine, as the instrument of work and communication with the community directly. Making LGBT more visible, improving the society’s attitude towards the community, its mobilization and unification, lowering of self-stigmatization level among LGBT are the main goals that are achieved by community centers work.  The coordinators presented Queer Homes and their activity in the region, shared their achievements and progress in 2015 on the business meeting. The meeting was mostly aimed at analyzing the ways of improving cooperation with LGBT community and making complex evaluation of its interests and also discussing possible enlargement of Queer Home network and raising community centers potential.

In addition to existing centers in Vinnytsia, Zhytomyr, Zaporizhia, Kyiv, Kryvyi Rih, Odesa and Kharkiv Gay Alliance Ukraine plans to open Queer Home in two more regions of Ukraine in 2016. If your region doesn’t have Queer Home yet but has an action group sharing our opinions and strategic goals in LGBT movement development in Ukraine and ready to get seriously involved with community center work, please write to info@upogau.org. And there is a chance that your city will soon have new and comfy Queer Home as a place for communication, meetings, personal and creative evolvement.

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