Days of Women’s Health project ended in Zaporizhia

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Days of Women’s Health project ended in Queer Home Zaporizhia. The project was organized with support of the 9th National conference of LGBT movement and SMS service of Ukraine.

There were two training conducted by a friendly gynaecologist and a breast physician in January and February. Entertainment and education evening about the women’s health was held in March. The participants gained a lot of valuable and practical information on the reproductive health and disease prevention.

The gynaecology training encompassed such topics as prevention and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases, conception, pregnancy and giving birth using donor sperm and IVF (in vitro fertilization). 

A friendly breast physician conducted the second training. The health of the breasts, disease prevention and risk factors were among the topics discussed. Late diagnosis of diseases presents one of the biggest problems in breast care. Therefore, particular attention was paid to the initial symptoms of the diseases, diagnostics of benign and malignant neoplasm, and importance of the breast self-examination, what women often don’t give a due weight. According to statistics, 16000 cases of breast cancer occur each year in Ukraine. And it’s very important to detect them at an early stage.

“I always try to look after my health. But I have never thought about the terrible consequences of such risk factors as not correctly chosen underwear or hormone imbalance”, shared the impressions one of the participants.

The final entertainment and education evening summarized the knowledge gained. There was an exam on the basics of the women’s health conducted as a play-based contest. The winners received useful and delicious prizes and got motivated to learn more about their own health. The project leader intends to continue raising the awareness of the LB women about the sexual health.

Автор: Gay Alliance Ukraine

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