An experiment performed in Kyiv: HIV positive girl asked to hug her (VIDEO)

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Non-governmental organization Small Heart with Art, which helps HIV positive children and children with AIDS, has conducted a social experiment in Kyiv.

A young girl showed up with a sign “ I am HIV positive.  Hug me, support me=)” in Kyiv Shevchenko park. Hidden camera caught the reaction of the people passing by.

At first nobody pays attention to the girl, but later people start coming closer to her – women, men, young people, older persons – to hug and to offer words of encouragement.  

Again, in June 2015 a Finnish guy  Janne Antin conducted a similar experiment. He came to a crowded plaza with a sign “I am HIV positive. Touch me.” His aim was to demonstrate to the society how it was to live being a target of HIV-related stigma, and to draw attention to this problem.

Автор: Kira Kowalski

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