Story no. 1. Vadim Gromtsev

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It was as far back as 2004. At that time I lived in Novosibirsk and my parents lived in the city of Kryvyi Rih. Then the time came, when I decided to confess to my mother that I was gay. I wanted to tell her everything, I expected that she would understand and accept me. I needed her support.

But my coming out was very funny.

I did not have any better idea than just to write her an email. After having sent it, I started to wait. Mother called me several hours later and told that it was all well, and she loved me who I was. But was it necessary to inform all her colleagues?

It emerged that it was not her personal mail box, but the mail box of the entire laboratory:)))

So my coming out was in front of a big audience right away.

When I came back to Ukraine, it was easy for me. I did not need to lie about myself either to my parents, or to people around me.

So since six years I have been organizing theme parties for LGBT community in the city of Kryvyi Rih. I have a prestigious job. I contribute to Queer Home Kryvbass as a volunteer. I am in love and not alone.

I have understood how good it is to love openly and not to be ashamed of oneself. Why, it is nothing reprehensible in it.

The most agreeable thing to me now is when my boyfriend picks me up from work, and I do not need to lie that he is my second cousin. I do not need to hide from my relatives and to tell that my boyfriend is actually my work colleague. Nobody tries to match me with the daughters of the acquaintances. I feel free! I feel great!

I am very glad that Ukraine is not like Russia, and I can talk free about it.

Those who do not like it, please do not communicate with me. Everybody is free to choose!

Автор: Gay Alliance Ukraine

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