Photography as a tool to combat discrimination

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The inscription on the picture says: “Error 404: Law Not Found”

Creative art has always helped artists to draw public attention to difficult social problems. Photography access has significantly expanded possibilities of all those people who care to develop patterns of creative protest. 

Last year as a part of our information campaign we held a photo contest “Freeze Frame: Human Rights!", where participants created works on the topic of violation or protection of huma rights. This year we also used this idea, but in a somewhat different format. 

The inscription on the picture says: “We serve only red-haired people”

In one of the days the participants of our winter workshop for activists got a task to explore the subject of human rights with the photo camera. The results turned out to be interesting, especially given the limited time and resources.

The first team worked on the topic of “The Rights to Freedom of Peaceful Assembly”. Representatives of the team tried to convey bravery of the protesters – even facing threat to life.

The second team got creative in a wide subject of “Freedom from discrimination” and therefore they produced several works. For example, the photo on the establishment of unjustified differences based on specific features: a standard door does not respond to the needs of tall people.

The last work was even more symbolic: the team tried to show the right to an adequate standard of living, at the same time actualizing the concept of unjustified differences, which is discrimination. 

Another team presented their vision of the topic “The equal right to marriage”. More precisely – a violation of the human rights of LGBT people (the title photo of the story).
This task showed that even in such topic as human rights, which many people consider to be "boring", everyone can find a way to express themselves and get others interested. 

Автор: Gay Alliance Ukraine

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