We launched on-line chat: ask questions, receive counseling, make proposals

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UPO "Gay Alliance Ukraine" launches a new format of feedback with LGBT community – on-line counseling.

How probably many of you might have noticed, recently a new option appeared at our website – to use a chat (it can be easily found at the left side of your screen). You can send us a message at any time, 24/7, but you can also chat with our consultant from 12.00 till 02.00.

The consultants of our helpline, of which we have already written, are on duty in the chat, that's why you can reach them not only for information, but also for counseling on any personal issues.

If you faced difficult situation, but making telephone call is not the most convenient option for you – write to us. Our consultants will gladly help you to deal with such problems as accepting your own sexual orientation, or gender identity, proper and timely coming out, difficulties in finding and building relationships, problems caused by homophobia in the close surrounding, reaction of parents to unexpected outing. In short, you can discuss with them everything that worries you, but you don't know who to turn to.

Furthermore, you have the opportunity to ask any questions about the work of our organization and offer your own ideas. For this purpose during working hours there are representatives of the head office of the Gay Alliance Ukraine on duty in the chat.

Our approach lies in providing an opportunity to any representative of queer community to actively participate in our activities. Therefore for us it is important to be able to quickly respond to signals that come from the community.

Using chat does not require registration and is completely anonymous. But if your request can not be answered immediately, we may ask for your email address in order to send you the information later.

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