Lessons of foreign languages started in Queer Home Vinnytsia

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It is always useful to refine oneself and get new knowledge, and it is also interesting to do this in a good company. So Queer Home Vinnytsia offers its visitors to study foreign languages together.

There is a proverb: Someone is as many times a person, as many languages he/she knows. QueerHomeVinnytsia gives its friends a chance to become a person about five times more. Everyone can join the groups studying English, German, Italian and Spanish. French lessons are going to start in the near future.

The teachers are Queer Home volunteers who feel at home with these foreign languages. Taking individual lessons is possible alongside with group lessons. The rhythm of studying is common: working in groups, home assignments and exams.

The teachers of English Maryna and Mykyta have two groups, one is for beginners or people with basic knowledge level and the other is for those who wish to advance their level of English.

You could learn the details about joining the groups from QueerHomeVinnytsia coordinator via phone +38 096 899-84-63.

The schedule of community centre work is available at Queer Home Vinnytsia pages in social networks VKontakte and Facebook, and also at our website Queer Home section.

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