Volunteers about Queer Home: first of all it is freedom

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Different initiatives and ideas were presented to the participants of the training on the volunteer capacity development of the LGBT community. One of the ideas was to make a video interviewing the volunteers of Queer Home.

The volunteers of the community centres based in different cities told how they first got to Queer Home, and what it meant for them. For some people Queer Home became a safe space, for others, it is a place to meet friends or the opportunity to put their creative ideas into reality.

We recall that the training took place on February 25-27 in Zakarpattia region and was focused on expanding the expertise of the volunteers and teamwork. In addition to the main part of the training, the participants engaged in brainstorming, proposed interesting volunteer projects and came up with creative ideas. That’s how the idea of this video emerged too. We would like to thank the volunteers for their openness and initiative!

Автор: Gay Alliance Ukraine

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