Novorossian notice that “smoking woman can give birth to a gay baby” became a hit of the U.S. blogosphere

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The inscription on the picture says: "Smoking woman risks to give birth to a gay baby. Smoking is forbidden to female sex".

Information that "smoking woman can give birth to a gay baby" has reached America!

USA bloggers post at their blogs a photo of a famous notice, which has already managed to walk around Ukrainian segment of social networks. The original is placed in the building of the Donetsk Regional State Administration. In the note said: "Smoking woman risks to give birth to a gay baby. Smoking is forbidden to female sex".

Bloggers also post a video footage of English-language channel Ukraine Today, in which it is said that the above mentioned "appeal" to women is approved by the Russian Orthodox Church. Headed by Patriarch Kirill, this ideological structure actively supports Putin's homophobic laws, stated in a footage story. At the same time nobody cares about the fact that Russia is not only violating human rights, but also secured by the Constitution fact of division between church and state.

The reportage also covers how Russian MPs – who are active lobbyists of the "Novorossia" interests – blame the destruction of the "traditional values" and attempt to impose on Russia extraneous views of family and society upon the Western countries. There are shots in the story taken during public protests of representatives of the Russian LGBT community, which were accompanied by violence. During its demonstration commentator recalls that the criminal liability for homosexuality in the USSR was introduced during the rule of Joseph Stalin and abolished only in 1993, however since then no positive changes happened in relation to the queer community, and in recent years they only tighten the screws.

Among those who published at their blogs this "sample" of "novorossian" decree creativity was a famous gay-blogger Joe.My.God, a winner of many internet-awards and nominations, including an award for the Best LGBT Blog.

Let us recall that in November 2014 the rumors spread over the internet about Aleksei Mozgovoy, one of the leaders of Luhansk fighters (so-called "People's Militia of LPR"), commander of "Mechanized Brigade" Ghost" of the Novorossia armed forces", introducing death penalty for homosexuality in LPR. And his underlings had already carried out one of such sentence. Mozgovoy himself denied these rumors.

The inscription on the picture says: "Mozgovoy introduced the death penalty for homosexuality. Today they shot the first person accused"

Not long before a so-called "People's Court" took place in Luhansk, which resulted in the death sentence for a rape. Mozgovoy, who himself was present at the court, made a number of resonance sexist statements, in particular, prohibited women from attending cafes and restaurants: "А woman should be the guardian of the hearth, the mother.  And what kind of mothers do they become after pubs? What can they teach? What example to give? If you want to stay honest and faithful to your husband – sit at home, embroider with a dagger.  I will give a special order to my patrol – all the girls that are seen in the pubs will get arrested. Then we'll see how you sing a different tune… A woman should stay in the house baking pirozhki ["small pies"] and only celebrate [meaning "drink" in this context] on the International Women's Day (March 8)".

Автор: Sofa Hadashot

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