The Head of the EU Mission: Mykola Azarov statement on same-sex marriages has nothing to do with the reality

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Public statement of the Prime Minister Mykola Azarov that to obtain a visa free regime with the European Union Ukraine should legalize same-sex marriages has nothing to do with the reality. The Association Agreement with the EU has no relation to it, assures the Head of the EU Mission to Ukraine Ian Tombinsky.

In his conversation with ZAXID.NET Mr. Tombinsky reminded that Europe aspires to reduce the level of discrimination, however the same-sex marriages is an absolutely separate issue.

Mr. Tombinsky was asked why to his opinion do these statements are being declared by the first people of the country, when in fact they do not correspond to the reality. 
"Possibly because they need to find additional arguments and evidence for people that the European Union is not the way for Ukraine. But this is not the reality. This is not true.", – said the Head of the EU Mission.

On the question of whether legislation on European integration provides more democratic attitudes toward sexual minorities, Mr. Tombinsky answered: "Yes. We are not talking about how to be tolerated primarily to sexual minorities. We are talking about how to solve the discrimination problem in general. Discrimination can be different based on age, state of health, religious beliefs. As well as based on sexual orientation. But what is said here can be applies not only to sexual minorities."

There are no common principles on how to approach the issue of gay marriage in the European Union. Because this is an area where each individual country chooses their own way and adopts their own specific laws on this issue, reminded Mr. Tombinsky.

Автор: Gay Alliance Ukraine

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