Story no.5. Yan Pestovskyi

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Hello everybody. My name is Yan, and I came out for the first time at the age of 17.

When I was 15 years old, I met my first adult partner. With him I understood, that I am gay, and this is for the rest of my life.

We had been meeting for two years already when we finally decided to move in together. At that time, I decided to tell everything to my parents. I told my father and my mother that I would bring somebody to the dinner. Of course, they thought, I meant a girl, but it was not to be!

We approach my apartment holding hands and ring the doorbell. My mother opens the door, and her jaw drops. We said hello and went to the table. My mother was still standing in the hall at the door. It even made me smile. 

When everybody sat down at the table, I started to introduce them to each other and was about to tell who he was. My boyfriend interrupted and started to talk himself. But I stopped him and said in a loud voice to my mother and my father, “Yes, I am gay. I am beyond caring. I will not change my mind!” They found a common ground with my boyfriend surprisingly fast and understood me.

Also, I had to tell it to my best friend, who is 12 years older than me, to a 29-year old bodybuilder. We were thick friends. I came to the gym, as if to the training and started to talk to him. Then I said abruptly and without hesitation, “I am gay!” There was a moment I thought he would kill me, his eyes frightened me. But he asked, “Do you like to be with him? Introduce him to me. Then I will speak my piece.”  

All in all, I introduced them to each other. We all shared the same hobby, a gym. Now my boyfriend and I go to our friend to the gym. My father and my mother invite us every weekend to the summerhouse. With father we go fishing, hunting and mushrooming. I do not regret, having told everything straight off. It was the right time. Now we live together with my boyfriend, enjoy life, and we are GOOD!   

Good luck to everyone! And the most important thing. Do not be afraid to tell the truth to your loved ones. Real friends always will understand and accept it, not to speak of the parents. They always support their children.

Автор: Gay Alliance Ukraine

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