Iosif Kobzon bragged with his “Manhood” and intends to sing for the terrorists from the DPR

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Popular Russian singer and MP of the Russian state Duma Iosif Kobzon once again spoke about the "unconventional love". Statements of the famous Soviet MP singer were made in a program of pro-Putin TV channel NTV entitled "Manhood".

"A man has to realize that he is the man. I'm personally against all of these conversations about unconventional love, and so on. It's terrible. The Almighty bestowed us with heterosexual love, the love for a woman, therefore a man should remember about it. He is born in love between a mother and a father, and so he should continue this love", – reported Kobzon in the TV programme. 

It is not for the first time that Iosif Kobzon involves this "burning topic". For example, he was one of the most active Russian lawmakers who publicly protected the law prohibiting "homopropaganda" and ranted of how it was useful for the society, just right on the eve of the Olympic Games in Sochi. 

"All this talk about the cancellation of the Olympic Games, the more attempts to use the memory of the genocide of the Jews by Hitler – it's just a killer, – commented Kobzon on sayings of the famous British writer, actor and LGBT activist, Stephen Fry. – There is in no way can be found normal logic in what, for example, Fry calls upon. We have to fight drug abuse, pedophilia, alcoholism, and the spread of pornography, including the propaganda of homosexuality among minors, and we have to fight it together, as the whole world". At the same time the singer expressed his confidence in the fact that "no" Frys" can stop the Olympics from happening". 

Olympic Games in Sochi were supposed to be an "international triumph" of Vladimir Putin. However, Russian President hindered himself: right after the Games started invasion into Ukraine, Crimea was annexed, and the international reputation of the Kremlin boss instead of flying like skyrocket he flew in the opposite direction. 

Iosif Kobzon obviously supports and fully approves Putin's policyand has recently announced his intention to please with his singing the terrorists of so-called "DPR". As the newspaper "Segodnya" reports, the singing MP is negotiating with the militants and going to give a concert on the territories temporarily controlled by them. "Everything will depend on when they are approve it due to security reasons", – reported Kobzon.

According to his words, there are a lot of those in Russia who are "willing to perform with concerts in "DPR". Among them – Academic Song and Dance Ensemble of the Interior Troops of the Russian Interior Ministry, a singer Tatyana Ovsiyenko and a composer Igor Demarin".

Already mentioned NTV channel comments information on concert plans of Kobzon in the following way: " Iosif Kobzon is eager to perform under the bullets on the front line".

Kobzon is a native citizen of Chasov Jar city of Donetsk region.

Автор: Sofa Hadashot

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