Human rights activists presented video clips against discrimination of LGBT people

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On May 18 in Freud House in Kyiv was held a presentation of the social video clips dedicated to combating discrimination against LGBT people.

The event was organized by NGO "Insight" NGO "Insight" together with All-Ukrainian NGO Coalition for Combating Discrimination in Ukraine (CCD) and Information Center for Human Rights. Within the presentation were shown 6 clips – about one of them, which was filmed under the campaign "Discrimination limits – act against!" we have already told you about.

"We believe that transformation of the society will happen thanks to such information campaigns. Showing short video clips – is one of the understandable and accessible forms to talk about important issues. For example, as a transgender person being kicked out of the house by most close people. Or when a person is being fired from their jobs because of the sexual orientation… Of course, no one will mention in the workbook the exact reason why the employee got fired; they will always find a bunch of other reasons. Often it happens because of the prejudices in the heads of employers", – marked the head of the NGO "Insight" Olena Shevchenko.

As the chairwoman of the Information Center for Human Rights Tetiana Pechonchyk at the presentation of video clips indicated that discrimination of the LGBT community, as well as representatives of other groups of the population, caused by the ignorance of what discrimination is, and substitution of it to any social inequality/

Let us present you three video clips produced by Queer Media Group under support of the Embassy of the Netherlands in Ukraine and the Heinrich B?ll Foundation's Office in Ukraine.

Authors of the videos: Vira Yakovenko and Liudmyla Kyrylenko.

When writing this article the materials of the Information Center for Human Rights were used.

Автор: Gay Alliance Ukraine

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