Letter Writing Marathon: 34 thousands Ukrainians signed the petitions

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The results of Letter Writing Marathon in Ukraine were made public: from December 4 to 10 more than 34 thousands Ukrainians signed the petitions demanding the authorities of different countries to deal with human rights violation cases.

This year the team of Amnesty International in Ukraine offered to support 7 cases containing several rights violations each. Public activists, writers and journalists joined the Marathon. Journalists of Hromadske TV Nataliia Humenuik and Angelina Karyakina, writer Irena Karpa, human rights activist and No Borders project coordinator Maksym Butkevych, journalist of Hromadske radio Iryna Slavinska, artist and founder of Dobra Lystivka charity foundation Illya Strongovskyi and CEDOS centre expert of education policy Yegor Stadnyi made video messages supporting central figures of the Marathon.

87 events in 32 Ukrainian cities took place under the aegis of the Marathon, including events, organized by Queer Home coordinators in Zaporizhya, Kyiv and Kryvyi Rih. This year over a thousand people signed petitions in Queer Home network. Also participants of the Marathon wrote supporting letters to the aggrieved that would be sent to the addressees in a matter of days.

Last year Moses Akatugba from Nigeria was saved from the execution, Vladimir Akimenkov and Mikhail Kosenko, participants of peaceful protest on Bolotnaya square in Moscow and Ales Belyatskyi, human rights activist from Belarus were set free due to the letters from millions people all over the world. 

Автор: Mila Demur

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