The survey by ILGA-Europe: help to make Rainbow Europe Map better

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The LGBT community and all interested people can help International LGBTI Association ILGA-Europe to improve the Rainbow Index, which also includes the map and the ranking of the countries in terms of freedom of expression, non-discrimination and respect for the right to found a family for all citizens. The survey for the ranking and the map is conducted by the group of academic scholars from the Sciences Po Law School. 49 European countries were rated by Rainbow Index in 2015. Malta has the number one ranking on the equality of rights. Great Britain, Belgium, Sweden and Croatia are in the top five. Ukraine has a sad result. We made it to the 44th place, being a little bit ahead of Monaco, Russia, Armenia, Turkey, and Azerbaijan. Such a low ranking of Ukraine doesn’t surprise because the survey creators consider family to be the most significant indicator.   

The legislation and political developments on non-discrimination are taken into account when making the ranking and the map. The attitude of the society to the discriminated against groups is not taken into account. Nowadays there are six categories which are taken as a basis: family (equal right to marriage, possibility to enter a registered partnership, adoption of children by same-sex couples, etc.), equality and non-discrimination (constitution, non-discrimination in employment, in receiving services, etc.), hate crimes (hate crime legislation, provided for tough sentences for such crimes), legal gender recognition and bodily integrity (administrative procedures for change of gender, no “Gender Identity Disorder“ diagnosis required, no compulsory medical and surgical intervention required, no compulsory sterilization required, as well as no compulsory divorce required, prohibition of medical intervention before child is able to give informed consent (for intersex), freedom of assembly, association and expression, access to asylum.

Автор: Alexandra Zakharova

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