The Question of LGBT and European Integration of Ukraine international conference will take place in Kyiv

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International conference with experts of 16 countries discussing the issue of LGBT rights in the context of European integration of Ukraine will take place on March 15-16 in Premier Hotel Rus in Kyiv. Applications for the participation in the forum were accepted till February 19.

The organizers of the conference pointed out that our society came to agreement regarding the importance of the urgent reforms in order to draw Ukraine closer to EU standards but the issues of LGBT rights equality were typically ignored by the politicians and the government. The organizers suppose that there is long overdue need to have common discussion about the interconnection between solving LGBT problems and European future of Ukraine.

The conference will host more than a hundred experts representing European Union, Council of Europe, OSCE/ODIHR, politicians, specialists of law, researchers, activists of human rights and LGBT organizations.

The events is aimed at raising awareness of Ukrainian society and authorities regarding LGBT problems in Ukraine and at informing them of modern European standards and trends in field of LGBT rights protection. The recommendation for implementation LGBT components of National Human Right Strategy Action Plan including up-to-date experience and the best practices will be prepared as the result of the event.

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The program of the event is presented at the website of the conference. The event is organized by the Human Rights LGBT Nash Mir Center in cooperation with the Coalition for Combating Discrimination in Ukraine, ILGA-Europe association and the Council of LGBT organizations of Ukraine. It is supported by the Embassy of Great Britain and the Embassy of Norway in Ukraine.

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