We Are People. We Are Equal. Photo exhibition about tolerance takes place in Kyiv

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We are people. We are equal. photo exhibition takes place in Taras Shevchenko National museum till February 28, showing the diversity of Ukrainain society and urging people to respect each other.

The idea of the exhibition is to remind that we are different but deserve equal attitude to ourselves, equal respect and right for a happy life. As organizers of the event tell, the exhibition is aimed against discrimination of people on the grounds of disability, age, sex, place of residence, sexual orientation etc.

“Those categories of people that are one way or another discriminated in the society are very numerous. Those labels we hang on them and existing stereotypes don’t allow us be tolerant and understand each other. And we all wanted that the audience of the exhibition looked at people they used to see as different ones with different eyes and saw that they are the same,” tells Anastasiia Dryzhak, the coordinator of the exhibition.

We are people. We are equal. Let’s respect each other’s rights. – legend on the photo

The photos of We are people. We are equal. shows audience people with different peculiarities that the society used to be prejudiced about. Characters on the pictures hold hands to show that there are no barriers between them. They have differences but they can’t be obstacle for their friendship or respect.

We are people. We are equal. exhibition is prepared by NGO KrymSOS supported by UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) for World Day of Social Justice.

Exhibition is available with the general museum ticket.

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