Nick Carter was attacked again. The homophobes shouted “Fags!”

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On Sunday, March 13 Nick Carter and his friend were attacked by the unknown people in the Sviatoshyno district of Kyiv. Nick informed about it on his Facebook page. “My friend and I went to the supermarket Silpo in Sviatoshyno at 7 a.m. At the cashier’s two young men started to shout “fags” and other insults. The people in supermarket took our side”, said Carter. “After this incident, we went to the pedestrian tunnel, where we were attacked by those two from the supermarket and another one. They pushed me a couple of times and began to strike my friend in the face with hands and legs. I broke free and called the police.”

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According to Nick, the police arrived quickly. Police officers found the attackers and detained them. “We went to the Sviatoshyno district police division and filed a complaint”, added Nick.

Nick attached the video with the detention of suspects.

Теперь подробно о нападении. Сегодня в 7 утра я с другом пошел в супермаркет "Сильпо" на Святошино, на кассовой зоне двое молодых людей начали кричать на нас "пидорасы" и другие оскорбления. Люди находящиеся в супермаркете встали на нашу сторону и пытались им закрыть рот. После этого инцидента мы пошли в подземный переход в котором на нас напали те двое из супермаркета и еще один, лично меня пару раз толкнули а друга начали избивать руками и ногами в лицо. Я вырвался и вызвал полицию, полиция приехала и с нами нашли нападающих, их арестовали и все мы поехали в Святошинский райотдел полиции. После чего мы написали заявление и ушли.

Опубликовано ником картером 13 марта 2016 г.

We recall that Nick Carter was also attacked in September last year by the unknown people.  

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Nick Carter is a former ex-gay, who once supported the movement “Love against homosexuality” and spoke against the LGBT people. Having realized that homosexuality wasn’t disease, and there is no cure for it, he has begun to advocate for the needs of the community. He often appeared in different talk shows on TV. He took part in the Equality March held in Kyiv in the summer time.  

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