MIA spokesman Artem Shevchenko: Kyva’s comment is not his official position

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The head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Communications Department Artem Shevchenko believes that scandalous comment of Illia Kyva should not be taken seriously as it is not official position either of the department he is the head of or the National Police, as Shevchenko has told to Gay Alliance Ukraine.

“I don’t see Kyva’s comment on his Facebook page. I can’t comment things I don’t see. Any person can publish official and unofficial information, some quotations, anything on their personal page. He could publish it and then delete, that kind of thing, people use their accounts at their discretion.  It doesn’t mean that everything a public person says on their page is their official position,” Shevchenko claimed.

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The MIA representative insists that any person, including officials, can post anything on their social network page. “It may be about his job or may not. It may be about his opinion, mood, view of life,” Shevchenko continued.

Spokesman believed that the fact that Kyva deleted the post proved its insignificance. “He has deleted it, so I understand that he doesn’t take it serious himself. As a rule, when people show their position in social networks, they boost it, give arguments, polemicize.  And sometimes they write something in social network and then change their mind and delete it, for example believing that it is emotional outburst or for other reasons. On this basis I came to conclusion that things he wrote were not very important to him so that he kept it, defended, supported or in any way associated to his official position,” Shevchenko assumed and added that “we are all people and can make mistakes.”

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The MIA representative assumed that Kyva deleted his post because admitted it as a mistake. “His comment is 100% not official either for the department he is the head of or for the National Police. He wanted to quote Old Testament. Then he decided that it’s not serious and deleted it. I see nothing to comment here and see no reason to consider it serious position of an official person. The more so that investigation of hate crimes is not included in his official duties,” Shevchenko pointed out.

The MIA spokesman told that Kyva only quoted the Bible verse but didn’t express his position. “He found a quote that you, maybe, considered aggression against you but it was only a quote he found and that was suitable, to his logic. And then he deleted it. It happens,” Shevchenko summarized.

In his comment to GAU regarding the comment of Kyva the head of the MIA Communications Department Artem Shevchenko underlined that he expressed an official position of the MIA.

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Let’s recall that the head of the Department of countering drug-related crime of the National Police Illia Kyva decided to speak out about the failure of the Equality Festival in Lviv. “LVIV! THE BIBLE, LEVITICUS 20:13. If there is a man who lies with a male as those who lie with a woman, both of them have committed a detestable act; they shall surely be put to death. Their blood guiltiness is upon them. P.S. Read the Bible, believe GOD! ”, wrote Kyva on his Facebook page, thereby actually calling for violence and killing LGBT.

He deleted this post from his page later but it was too late as the screenshots with his comment were spread all over the Internet.

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