“Homophobe”: the article about Martsynkiv edited in Wikipedia

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The article about the Mayor of Ivano-Frankivsk Ruslan Martsynkiv has been edited in the online encyclopaedia Wikipedia. The section “Views” reads now “homophobe”.                                           

“In March 2016 the Mayor of Ivano-Frankivsk Ruslan Martsynkiv spoke out that gays couldn’t  be patriots and promised to make every effort to prohibit abortions”, the article reads.

There are examples of the phrases by the Mayor of Ivano-Frankivsk in Wikipedia, which became popular Internet memes:

 “…Can a gay be a patriot? I said no. Only a Christian can be a patriot, a real patriot is the one, who believes in God”.

“…Our opponents claim that Europe is different. But I have been in Poland recently. There is an abortion ban act in Poland, and it is a successful European country, which made a huge breakthrough.”

As we wrote before, the Mayor of Ivano-Frankivsk and the member of the party Svoboda Ruslan Martsynkiv is outright homophobic. He supported the March for life and family values in the city – a walk against the abortions in Ukraine, which took place on March 23. On the eve of the march Martsynkiv issued a statement against the abortions and same-sex marriages in our country.

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“Ivano-Franskivsk has to be committed to the preservation of life“, stated Martsynkiv. Later he started to compare Ivano-Frankivsk and Lviv: “Our city is better than Lviv, it is more patriotic. We will not let that happen what is in Lviv. We will not allow marches of gays to take place! Ivano-Frankinvsk should become the capital of Halychyna”.

During the March for life and family values the Mayor of Ivano-Frankivsk stated that gay couldn’t be a patriot, only a Christian could be a patriot.

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