Ukrainian human rights activists call to stop a discriminatory rhetoric on EuroMaidan

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Ukrainian human rights activists turned attention to the fact, that occasionally from the EuroMaidan stage some discriminatory rhetoric and calls for "selective tolerance" are being spoken. It had already caused the attack on activists of the Confederation of Free Trade Unions of Ukraine and that is deeply contradicts the very idea of peaceful protests against the authorities refusal to sign the Association Agreement with the European Union.  We publish the text of a special statement below. 

We, the public and human rights organizations, journalists, activists, students, scientists, researchers, are concerned with the presence of discriminatory rhetoric on EuroMaidan, which is being spoken in the statements of orators from the stage. It is a pity to state the fact that the resource of an open mic, which allows to speak up for those who have something to say, is being sometimes turned into an effective tool of spreading the hate speech among peaceful protesters.

Here are just a few examples: during the first days of EuroMaidn an Ukrainian blogger and activist Olena Bilozerska spoke of "selective tolerance"; on 23rd of November an open mic was given to orator Diana Kamlyuk, who appealed to the citizens of Maidan with the antisemitic and fascist slogans. Hate speech may lead to the growth of aggression among protestors and even cause violence, which contradicts Maidan objectives. Thus, on 4th of December the activists of the Confederation of Free Trade Unions of Ukraine were attacked (with personal injuries and property damage). Precondition for the attack was the public statement of the orator from the stage of Maidan, who called the mentioned activists "provokers" and misinformed protesters, indicating the presence of in the latter of party symbols.

People who spoke on Maidan for European choice, represents different ethnic groups, nationalities, languages, religions, sexual orientation and gender, social status and beliefs, therefore public rhetoric of Maidan must respect the rights of each and everyone in order to consolidate efforts of all participants of a peaceful protest. However at the moment Maidan becomes dangerous for those populations, who are being spoken of with the discriminatory statements and slogans.

We ask the Organizing Committee of EuroMaidan to develop recommendations for public speeches from the stage, of which the host is obliged occasionally remind and react accordingly (make call-downs), or not to provide such orators with the microphone. The participants of EuroMaidan are different! But all of them choose European values and wish Ukraine the prosperity in the family of free, democratic European nations.

The text of the statement with signatures is published on the website of the Information Center on Human Rights.

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