A woman from Ivano-Frankivsk demands to ban gay policemen

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A woman from Ivano-Frankivsk addressed local authorities with a proposition to ban gay policemen because they allegedly seduced husbands. She set her complaints against homosexual law enforcers in the petition on the Ivano-Frankivsk authorities’ petition website.

“I ask Frankivsk people to support this petition because my husband left me for a new gay policeman,” Ivano-Frankivsk citizen claimed.

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A woman says that several LGBT policemen work in the city and seem to be a potential hazard.

“Everyone knows that one lesbian and two gays work in the police in our city. It’s well known among gay groups. I spent a fortnight in hell trying to win my husband back but got a fine for threats from a new gay policeman. People, be attentive when you call the police for a usual scandal – you may lose your husband,” the “victim” warns. “I ask to ban gay policemen in our city.”

It’s notable that this petition was published in Human Rights section. On March 28 it was signed by three people. 

Let’s recall that March for Life and Family Values took place in Ivano-Frankivsk on March 23, as the demonstration against abortions in Ukraine supported by city and regional authorities. On the eve of the demonstration Ivano-Frankivsk Mayor Ruslan Martsynkiv spoke out against abortions and same-sex marriages in our country.

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Later on he promised that he wouldn’t let street LGBT events happen in the city. And during the March for Life and Family Values the head of Ivano-Frankivsk said that a gay couldn’t be a patriot as only a Christian could be a patriot – and become famous for a whole Ukraine. Afterwards the Wikipedia article about Martsynkiv was rewritten: it says “homophobe” in the Opinions section. Wikipedia also quotes the Ivano-Frankivsk Mayor’s words about gays and abortions that became popular Internet memes.

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