Former ex-gay Nick Carter was attacked

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Last night on Obolonskyi Avenue Nick Carter and his friend was beaten by four unknown men.

According to Nick, around 22:00 last night, when he and his friend was walking home from the supermarket, they were attacked by four young men who run at them shouting "Faggots!" and started to beat them up. The incident took place near the building #10 at the Obolonskyi Avenue.

"They smashed my face; my friend got a brain concussion. Moreover, they stole everything of value from my friend that he had: mobile phone, tablet, money. I immediately called the police. The police came and called an ambulance, which took me to the hospital to sew up the wounds. Also the police officers and my friend searched the district trying to find those "scums", but in vain", – told Nick.

Later the militia officers also arrived at the crime scene. "They began asking my friend pretty ridiculous questions: "Are you on drugs? Why did you buy bananas at the supermarket?" I have no words!" – wrote Nick on his facebook page.

"As a result we wrote a statement to district police office. So far they haven't found anyone. And that's the country with "no homophobia"!" – he summed up.
Nick Carter is a former ex-gay who once supported the movement "Love against homosexuality" and spoke in public against LGBT people, but then he realized that there were no treatment of homosexuality and became the advocate for the LGBT community. He is a frequent guest of the talk shows. He took part in the Equality March that was held this summer in Kyiv.

During past several months Nick regularly received threats from unknown persons.

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