The singer Ursula decided that she’s a lady and Artem Semenov wouldn’t come back to the stage

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Ukrainian singer Ursula formerly known as Artem Semenov finally made decision about her gender identity – she’s a woman, in life as well as on stage. So she told in the interview to Komsomolskaya Pravda in Ukraine. “I am Ursula forever! Artem Semenov is not coming back,” the singer told.

Her star rose after the Ukraine’s Got Talent show where the singer appeared as a woman, introducing herself to the audience as travesty-diva Ursula, but later on she performed as Artem Semenov describing herself as a man and got to the super finals of the show.

Ursula used to declare her being the part of LGBT community. In particular, she frankly told of who she was in the interview to Odyn Z Nas (One of Us) magazine. But later, using the image of Artem Semenov she started to deny any connections with the community and even told of her intention to marry a woman.

Now Ursula admits that Artem Semenov image was imposed on her by the contract. The singer believed it was interesting and worthwhile experience that, to her mind, helped her to understand finally who she wanted to be and how she wanted to live her life.

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“A person must walk a certain way to understand what they need. I made my final choice by the age of 30. Because you can’t tear yourself apart,” Ursula pointed out.

The last year tour of Artem Semenov she calls “a goodbye” one. “It was this tour that I wanted to finish certain era in my life with and to find myself at last. I wanted to find myself most of all,” she says. “I don’t sing now those songs that Artem has been singing,” Ursula adds.

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According to the celebrity, her loved ones understand and support her decision. Besides, now she is totally happy with her life and wants to make a new statement.

Ursula performed her new program on March 5 at 7 p.m. in Kyiv B-52 club.

Let’s recall that Ursula has a unique voice of a broad range – from male tenor to female soprano.

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