Ivano-Frankivsk citizens were asked could a gay be a patriot of Ukraine and city Mayor

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Activists of Liga Tolerantnosti (Tolerance League) organization addressed Ivano-Frankivsk citizens asking them to tell on camera their opinion on could a gay be a patriot of their country and also could such person be the Mayor of their city.

Let’s recall that Ivano-Frankivsk Mayor Ruslan Martsynkiv of Svoboda spoke out against abortions and same-sex marriages in Ukraine recently and added that a gay could not be a patriot. He believed that only a Christian could be a patriot, and it made him famous all over Ukraine. Even rewritten Wikipedia article is among his achievements as Ukrainian Wikipedia authors decided to record his famous homophobic utterances.

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Most respondents of this social experiment are not on the same page with the Mayor and believe that sexual orientation and patriotism are divorced from each other. “Despite the creed or sexual orientation of a person, if they are in the war protecting homeland of course they are patriots,” one of the respondents underlined.

Talking about if a gay could be Ivano-Frankivsk Mayor, opinions divided. Part of the passers-by answered that they definitely could as the law didn’t ban homosexuals from holding senior positions and the world knew such examples. “They must have a brain and it doesn’t matter whether they are gay or not,” one of the Ivano-Frankivsk women pointed out.

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At the same time the idea of having homosexual person as the Mayor seemed absurd to some of the citizens. “In a hundred years, maybe,” one of young men told. “Now the most people are against.”

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