“For your and our security”: KyivPride organizing committee announced the date for the Equality March

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The official date of the 5th International KyivPride 2016 LGBT Forum was announced. Over 20 educational and discussion events will be held in the capital from June 6 to 13, as the official website informs. On Sunday, June 12 the Equality March will be held, a peaceful demonstration supporting the ideas of personal and social security, human rights and non-discrimination.

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The organizers underline: a person, their life and health, dignity and honour, integrity and security are the highest social value in Ukraine according to the Constitution. “We have war conflict in Ukraine now. Glorification of violence, political manipulations and constant use of radical narrative “allow” authorities to neglect their duty of providing security for the society,” the message points out. “It creates the atmosphere of fear. The possibility of getting hurt not only by external enemy but also by “internal” groups that use aggression to oppose their interests to human rights and democracy grows.”

The organizers reminded that rights for peaceful gathering and freedom of speech were repeatedly violated because of radical groups’ attacks with authorities and law enforcers silent agreement. Court bans to have public events in summer 2015 in Odesa and in spring 2016 in Lviv, repeatedly covered by GAU, were also inexplicable in the context of human rights and freedoms.

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“Supporters of anti-fascist or ecological movements, retired people or LGBT, temporary deported people or Crimean Tatars, even common passers-by fell victims of radicals,” the organizing committee of KyivPride adds. “It doesn’t matter who exactly YOU are for those who choose violence as a way to press their point. They see YOU as a threat and make use of their impunity.” However, the organizers point out once more that security and enforcement of everyone’s rights are undeniable for development of a state, a society and a person. “That’s why 5th International KyivPride 2016 LGBT Forum has a general slogan “For your and our security”.”

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“Lack of efficient legislation for hatred based crimes, hate language, difficult red tape procedures for implementation of non-discrimination legislation, contemptuous disregard of law enforcement bodies and state institutions make safe life and feeling of security impossible for minorities, LGBT people in particular,” the committee summarizes. “We will try to find opportunities to cut down the fear in people’s life and give them more space and inspiration to show themselves.”

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Let’s recall that in 2015 the Equality March finished with right wing radicals assault. The homophobes pulverized tear-gas to the crowd and threw explosive sticks pumped with metal objects. After the March went safari for the participants of the March coming home. As the result 9 activists and 11 law enforcers were injured. Only one of the cases of violence to the peaceful gathering got to the court, due to the attack on the law enforcers. Despite one of the policemen hardly surviving such actions, four radicals got two years of suspended sentenced because of… “sincere repentance”. This year LGBT activists organized two campaigns by the Obolon court building and a flashmob demanding the radicals to be justly punished but the judge didn’t listen to them.

Автор: Alexandra Zakharova

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