Potap: European gays don’t show off and ours are aggressive

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Ukrainian singer and producer Potap gave an interview to Komsomolska Pravda in Ukraine, among other things telling about his attitude to gays.

In particular, the journalist asked Potap what made him record a questionable song Vadimka, Why? that offended lots of homosexuals. The singer started justify himself in a manner usual for homophobes, explaining that he had many gay friends.

“By the way, I have lots of gay friends. I tell directly that I am no homophobe in the song. But if gays make their parades and demonstrations claiming their rights so straight people can also give their voice in opposition to it. Even as a joke. Only narrow-minded people could be offended,” the singer is sure.

It should be explained that the song Vadimka, Why? tells a story of a man that his gay friend tries to hit on and it ends their friendship. “It can’t be worse than the story when your friend doesn’t love girls together with you,” the lyrics of the song say.

Besides, it couldn’t do without “new” joke about the soap dropped in men’s shower: “If your soap was dropped in the shower, don’t bend because we all are straight.” Some words are dedicated to the quasi-domination of gays: “We are straight, we are few and soon we will have straight parade!”

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However Potap told in the interview that his homosexual friends found this song funny and he, according to his own words, was a tolerant and broad-minded man.

“My gay friends laugh and joke, they know that I don’t want to hurt them. When I’m in San-Francisco I visit The Castro gay quarter. I was in gay quarters in Holland. And I even lived in gay hotel in Germany and had cool neighbours,” the singer told.

“And this is what I noticed,” Potap added. “European gays don’t show off, they are funny and hilarious. And our gays are aggressive.”

The song Vadimka, Why? was recorded last August. Equality March for LGBT rights took place in beginning of June in Kyiv.

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