“LGBT thinking ruins the schemes of upbringing”, the scientists frightened by the National strategy on human rights

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On March 31, three Ukrainian scientists demanded that the government would prevent the implementation of the National strategy on human rights for the period until 2020. As expected, the stumbling point was the Action plan of the National strategy, we wrote about many times. When explaining their position at the conference in UNIAN, the representatives of the world of science did not move beyond the “spiritual bonds” of our churchmen.

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Olena Lvova, the Candidate of Juridical Sciences, who has opposed the protection of the LGBT rights not for the first time, considers the action plan developed by the Cabinet of Ministers to be “very dangerous”. The scientists urged Petro Poroshenko, Arsenii Yatsenyuk and Volodymyr Groysman to annul all innovations planned. “The Action plan is very dangerous, as it provides for ensuring the punishment for the crimes motivated by sexual orientation and transsexuality”, said Lvova. “Inclusion of the specialized course on transsexuality in the professional development programmes” and drafting and submission of a bill on the legalization of civil partnership for same-sex couples outraged her too.

“It is planned to change legal identity documents for the persons with a confirmed clinical diagnosis “transsexed”; it involves the elimination of discrimination in terms of allowing transgender couples to adopt children”, continues the Candidate of Sciences.

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According to her, the practice in other countries with same-sex partnership legalized demonstrates that first, there were demands from the representatives of the LGBT about employment discrimination, and then it came to legalization of same-sex partnerships: “Next step was the elimination of discrimination and the permission to adopt children. Then gay propaganda started at schools on these grounds, when children were explained this was normal.”

Lvova is dissatisfied that the representatives of the Ukrainian LGBT community call upon the Ministry of Health to make necessary changes to the orders on the possibility to adopt. She also does not accept that they propose to organize the revision of all learning guides on homosexuality approved by the Ministry of Education and Science in order to remove the reference to this phenomenon as a disease.

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She is not the only one, who has such “progressive” views. The Candidate of Philosophical Sciences Petro Husak is confident that the implementation of this plan jeopardizes the demographic situation in Ukraine. The history is silent on that why the philosopher considers himself a demography expert. “By legalizing the forms of same-sex cohabitation, legalizing the gender ideology, the state will promote infertility, because such role plays are infertile, meant Husak. — “The citizens won’t be born; there won’t be their upbringing in the families, there won’t be the state itself. The state must primarily support the family as a union between a man and a woman.”

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Valerii Reshetynskyi, the Candidate of… Engineering Sciences also decided to speak out on the National strategy expressing oneself more radically: “The LGBT thinking ruins the schemes of upbringing, destroys the notion of human dignity, respect for family values, pushes the society into depravity.“ In the end, he urged the president, the prime minister, the MPs to “fulfil their obligation to the people by supporting and protecting the institution of family and traditional family values in Ukraine.”

We recall the Cabinet of Ministers developed in November the Action plan for the National strategy on human rights. Much attention is given to the protection of the LGBT rights. In addition to the mentioned bill on the legalization of the civil partnership, it is planned to hold information campaigns promoting tolerance among the public, to permit the transgender people to adopt children, and to include the motive of homophobia in the Criminal Code as an aggravating circumstance.

Автор: Alexandra Zakharova

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